Our history

PortMatch BV is a Transport/Shipment Company (Logistics Company) and registered in Netherlands on August 5, 2014. He laid the foundation for a huge success story. On one hand, it portrays the changing world affairs of the past years. On the other hand, it also represents the dynamic changes of the logistics industry in the age of globalization and rapid technological progress.

Years of experience in successfully handling goods shipped by sea containers, with its ever-changing business environment, and the possibility to tap the resources of a Netherland office—including brokerage, IT, land transportation, and in-house insurance—as well as the facilities of a company warehouse in Rotterdam, and others, make us highly competitive when it comes to sending goods by sea. We are ready to provide solutions for any of our customers’ needs, including door-to-door services.

In today’s climate it’s more important than ever to be 100% sure that our business partners will be here in the future, be it short or long term. PortMatch BV has been the same company for over 9 years. We are committed to ensure it remains the same for at least another 9-50 years to come.

PortMatch BV established numerous new freight locations for international logistics in China, Netherlands, and UAE. In addition, we have network of partners across the European, American and African Continents, which strengthened the improvement of our logistics company.

Higher quality service by optimizing transport routes, means of transportation and reducing costs Strong optimized supply chain infrastructure that will make a competitive advantage to our business Synchronized demand and supply which will enable easier and more accurate predictions of our clients needs

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