Houston Terminal

The Company operates a world-class, 10 million barrels storage terminal in Houston, and is one of the major provider of oil storage in Houston. PortMatch BV assets are strategically located on a 200-acre footprint at the widest point of the Houston Ship Channel, one of the largest trading centers for residual fuel oil and crude oil in the world. The Company stores, blends, and transports residual and crude oil via pipeline, barge, rail, truck and ship for major oil companies, refiners, carbon black manufacturers, international trading firms and bunker suppliers. PortMatch BV size, strategic location, diverse customer base, and extensive transportation infrastructure create the most attractive and liquid trading platform for residual fuel oil.

Storage Tanks

  • Over 13.8MMBbls of existing storage capacity
  • – 76% residual fuel and 23% crude oil
  • Over 100 tanks ranging in size from 10-400MBbls

  • Ship Docks

  • Four deepwater ship docks
  • Dock infrastructure capable of loading/unloading Suezmax cargo vessels
  • PortMatch BV terminal currently has the capability of loading tankers with residual fuel oil at rates of up to 40,000 barrels per hour. The existing docks have drafts up to 45-foot and can accommodate ships up to Suezmax size with 165-foot beams. PortMatch BV six current barge docks are able to simultaneously handle 19 barges with 12- to 14-foot drafts each.

    Commitment to Quality Service

    PortMatch BV is committed to efficiently providing superior terminal services to improve the bottom line for its customers. Ideally situated on the eastern edge of the Houston Ship Channel, the Company’s docks and tanks are strategically located to minimize transportation time from the Gulf of Mexico, facilitating its ability to deliver superior quality services to its customers.

    PortMatch BV ongoing expansion projects will increase convenience, safety, and efficiency while minimizing any delays. The Company’s recent receipt of $120 million in Hurricane Ike bonds from the State of Texas further ensures its ability to continue to expand and advance its infrastructure, storage, and blending capabilities.

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