Ocean Cargo

PortMatch BV operate FCL and LCL services worldwide, whether for Import, export or triangle (‘crosstrade’). Ocean freight provides the optimum price and when planned correctly avoids some necessity for warehousing, reducing inventory. PortMatch BV has capacity agreements with all major carriers.

FCL Services

FCL (‘Full Container Load’) services are infinitely flexible and can be tailored to your individual need offering the best choice of equipment availability, capacity, transit time and value. Through our global network PortMatch BV protects space in all necessary markets ensuring continuity and capacity during ‘Peak Season’ periods.

LCL Services

LCL (‘Less than Container Load’) services are generally fixed schedule consolidations with express carriers that provide speed, security and consistency. PortMatch BV load multiple LCL shipments into weekly consolidation containers moving directly between PortMatch BV partners.

SEA/AIR Services

Cargo begins its journey containerized as an ocean shipment for the first ‘short-sea’ sector. Upon arrival at the transhipment point [or ‘cross-dock’] the cargo is unloaded and continues its journey as an air cargo shipment. This delivers a good alternative at times when space is at a premium, particularly from Asia.

Core Carrier Program

Long term relationships with carriers responsible for the majority of our global ocean volume mean that we can ensure the availability of space and equipment. We work with carriers whose own growth ambitions are aligned with ours. We actively manage contracts and service levels to ensure our customers receive the best possible, reliable service, at competitive rates, supported by our route management, forecasting, allocation and booking specialist teams and systems.

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