Freight forwarding company “PortMatch BV” provides road transportationacross Netherlands and abroad accompanied by a full package of documents. You can order a"door-to-door"transportation of cargo across Netherlands.Our team will deal with all the matters related to cargo transportation and preparation of documents.

Within Neele-Vat Logistics we have years of experience in the transport of hazardous substances. Our people work here daily. This allows us to transport your ADR shipment. Depending on the destination, certain UN numbers and ADR classes are excluded. For all destinations, transport of ADR with Class 1 (Explosive), 6.2 (Infectious) and 7 (Radioactive) is always excluded. For more information, see our ADR page.


The use of intermodal transport plays an important role in the European transport world. Since 1973, Neele-Vat Logistics has experience with intermodal transport. Thanks to our strong network, we, like no other, are able to transport your loads whenever and wherever you want. At present, 220 railloaders from Neele-Vat Logistics transport goods by rail.

Own Truck Shipment Across Netherlands

One of the main PortMatch BV activity areas is container shipping across Netherlands. Our company owns a fleet of modern tracks with the universal container areas for any types of freights.

Transportation Of Oversized Cargo

Transportation of oversized cargo is a complicated procedure that requires special skills and a high degree of responsibility. The more composite the construction is, the rarerspecial-purpose machinery is required for itstransportation. And the harder it is to get a transportation authorization.

Transport and logistics operator “PortMatch BV” offers a full range of services involving the transportation of oversized cargo. We transport all kinds of oversized cargo, including special equipment, composite constructions, building materials, industrial equipment, yachtsandautoboats.

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