Rotterdam Terminal

At the start of our storage activities in 2005, we stored fuel oil. Since then, our storage capacity grew from 65,000 cbm to 240,000 cbm and our state of the art facility is suited for fuel oil and gas oil.

Vessels up to 280 x 50 mtr with a maximum draught of 14,65 mtr can berth outside our T-jetty, with the inside hosting barges up to 135 mtr length. Quick imports from vessels can be executed over the 20” import pipeline. All other imports and exports are facilitated by 16” pipelines from and to the jetties.

We provide great flexibility

To create more flexibility, an extra multipurpose 12” pipeline started operations in 2014. Also, quay 7200 (barges and coasters) can be utilised for import and export transactions. Thousands of line-ups provide great flexibility, while our modern process automation secures smooth and safe operations.

Availability of Terminals

Our two tank parks for fuel oil and gas oil are currently exclusively operated for our key customer, letting them enjoy the benefits of our storage capacity, T-jetty for vessels and barges, high speed pumps, mixing / heating Terminals and our hands-on mentality.

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